Oct 15, 2018

Twenty Two Motors and KYMCO Come Together to Launch Twenty Two KYMCO in India


New Delhi, India – October 15, 2018 – Today, Twenty Two Motors and KYMCO, one of the largest two wheeler and leading power sports global brands announced their partnership in India. This marks the entry of KYMCO into the Indian sub-continent. With this unprecedented alliance in the Indian automobile sector, both brands get into in an agreement to share knowledge, technology and expertise to create premium electric mobility architectures in the country. With this partnership, Twenty Two Motors and KYMCO are all set to revolutionize the two wheeler sector in India by establishing a favourable ecosystem for EVs.  


The alliance will be a seamless amalgamation of vision as both the brands share the same dream to make electric a practical reality for everyone. Under this strategic alliance, KYMCO is bringing its cutting edge, electric vehicle total solution - Ionex and Ionex Commercial, to enable consumers, businesses and governments to smoothly adopt premium electric mobility. Ionex is a game changing electric vehicle solution that eliminates all barriers for consumers to go green. Ionex Commercial is a tailor-made EV turnkey solution for commercial entities that integrates world-class experts from every necessary field and comprises of a complete arrangement of electric vehicles, charging facilities, removable batteries and advanced IT systems.




Elaborating the strategic partnership with KYMCO and his futuristic vision for EVs, Parveen Kharb, CEO and Co-Founder, Twenty Two Motors said, “Twenty-Two Motors was founded with the sole aim to change the commutation landscape in India by providing powerful smart vehicles to generation next. Electric mobility is the future of the world – a near future, not distant. We envisioned to facilitate Indian customers with smart EV vehicles and a proper infrastructure with charging stations and efficient battery and our partnership with KYMCO is the next step in this direction. This unique partnership will prove to be a revolution for fundamentals of Indian auto sector which no one expected so far as we shall be creating a complete new ecosystem for premium EV mobility in India.”


“Our association will further strengthen our existing expertise which enables us to fulfill our commitment to facilitate the Indian customers with the most innovative and powerful, smart EV vehicles,” he further said.


Discussing the company’s much sought-after foray in the Indian market and partnership with Twenty Two Motors, Allen Ko, Chairman, KYMCO said, “KYMCO is on a social mission to change the modern transportation and India is one of most important markets from that point of view. We found a natural partner in Twenty Two Motors as we have synergies in terms of vision, technological innovation and outlook. Together we aim to change the landscape of urban mobility in India. ”


“While Ionex enables consumers to go electric without compromise, businesses and governments need to have reliable solutions for charging stations, removable batteries and related IT support systems before they opt for EVs. And therefore, Ionex Commercial is here to provide a total package to empower and enable all businesses and governments to adopt premium electric mobility”, he added.



Ionex and Ionex Commercial — The Premium Mobility Is Coming to India


Known for its technology prowess in two wheeler sector, KYMCO in unification with Twenty Two Motors is bringing Ionex and Ionex commercial to India to develop the EV eco-system for consumers, businesses and governments in the country. The Ionex smart battery weights only 5kg and is designed to be user friendly in every application. The eco-system offers various charging solutions including standard charging, fast charging, battery swaps, or any combination. Ionex Commercial further provides a range of customizable e-scooters along with engineering services to convert existing fleets to work with the Ionex Commercial platform. It has the world’s first cloud-based EV infrastructure operating system and the corresponding business applications that work seamlessly with the vehicles, batteries, apps and charging facilities.


FLOW - In New Avatar


With this partnership, FLOW - the smart electric scooter by Twenty Two Motors will be equipped with the advanced Ionex technology developed by KYMCO. The new removable Ionex battery will be lighter in weight, easy to swap, water-proof and full-charged in less than an hour. The upgraded FLOW will also have a fixed reserve battery on board, which is constantly kept fully charged by the removable battery. As a result, the riders can continue riding for up to 20km without the help from the removable battery. With the Ionex technology, the riders will never have to wait when they remove the Ionex battery for charging.


Crafted for Experience - Experience Stores by Twenty Two KYMCO


The upcoming Twenty Two Motors KYMCO two wheelers and advanced FLOW will be available at the aesthetically designed Twenty Two KYMCO Experience Store in New Delhi from early 2019, followed by Gurgaon, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore soon afterwards.



About Twenty Two Motors


Co-founded by Parveen Kharb and Vijay Chandrawat, the automobile company focuses on developing advanced connected electric vehicles and change the urban commutation landscape by providing powerful smart vehicles to the technology savvy generation. The technology used by Twenty Two Motors is enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) and the unique features include lithium ion storage, Internet of Things (IOT) and advanced Electric Power Trains and the system has been dotted with state of art sensors and smart features. The technology is seamlessly supported with real time connectivity to cloud. The integrated application provides a glimpse into system even from thousands of miles of distance.