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Time To Excite International Press Conference

The idea “Win My Heart” is within everything we do at KYMCO. We understand that every customer has different needs for a motorcycle – both explicit and latent. Therefore, we have persistently innovated to deliver breakthroughs that excite the riders. And in this time of a global pandemic, people, more than ever, have strong desires to add excitement into their everyday lives. And today, I am very pleased to unveil to you KYMCO’s latest endeavors to satisfy the unfulfilled needs of our customers. It is time to excite.

Electric is one of the most significant transformations of modern transportation. From consumers, businesses to governments, more people are embracing electric vehicles to make our cities greener and the world a better place.

However, while numerous electric motorcycles have been launched, few have been greeted with great enthusiasm by the market. The challenge lies in the fact that most electric motorcycles do not excite. The mere electric powertrain as the only differentiation has proven insufficient to significantly advance the green movement. And today, KYMCO F9 is going to change that.

KYMCO F9 is a cool urban electric motorcycle equipped with a 9.4kW motor and designed for street sport ridings. It accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 110 km/h. It comes with a 96V 40Ah battery that provides a range of 120 km under the New European Driving Cycle. With fast charging, it takes only 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

In addition, F9 features the world’s first two-speed automatic transmission specifically designed for electric motorcycles. It improves not only motor efficiency, but also power delivery. F9 also employs a unique chassis design that integrates the battery as part of the frame structure. As a result, it has an incredible light weight of 107kg. Combined with the 14-inch wide-tires that offer high cornering grip, F9 is simply an extremely fun-to-ride motorcycle.

At KYMCO, we are committed to creating the most distinctive riding experience for our customers. KYMCO F9 is a new generation electric motorcycle that excites the riders.

Many people believe that scooters are meant to be used for only city mobility. They also assume that scooter riders just want to use their vehicles as part of their daily routines. Yet, we have discovered that scooter riders, in fact, also pursue diverse experiences in their lives. Underneath the surface lie urban riders’ unfulfilled quests to occasionally get out of their comfort zone and to expand their horizons in all directions.

Over the years, KYMCO has been dedicated to pioneering the newest concept of maxi scooters. We have always strived to create innovative products that exceed customers’ expectations. And therefore, I am pleased to introduce KYMCO DT X360. KYMCO DT X360 is a maxi scooter that demonstrates KYMCO’s latest innovation of “Adventure Crossover” and provides riders with the freedom to seek the adventures they desire in their everyday lives.

It features the upright proportions and the front mudguard that characterize the spirit of a dual sport motorcycle. It has a wider handlebar for easy steering on uneven pavement and a higher seating position that improves rider visibility. The light-weight wheels and the adventure oriented tires further enhance its ability to ride through rough surfaces.

In addition, DT X360 comes with a keyless system that offers convenient access to the vehicle. It also has a traction control system that greatly increases vehicle stability. The color LED dashboard is specially designed to provide great legibility in all conditions. Together, DT X360 offers the all-around capability for riders to easily maneuver in urban traffic, comfortably cruise on the freeway, and confidently explore the uncharted when desired.

At KYMCO, we always go above and beyond to satisfy the unfulfilled needs of our customers. KYMCO DT X360 is an “Adventure Crossover” maxi scooter that excites the riders.

In many parts of the world, compact scooters are the most predominant forms of personal transportation. They are agile, efficient, convenient and easy to use. They serve the purpose of everyday urban mobility as well as occasional weekend trips. They offer riders joy and happiness through rewarding riding experiences they provide. They play a crucially important role in people’s everyday lives.

On weekdays, people ride through congested traffic to go to work. Over the weekends, they make excursions to nearby attractions as their favorite pastime. While they enjoy cruising on open highways, they also seek the thrills of cornering on winding roads. Scooters are at the center of their everyday lives; They demand nothing but the best. And for these reasons, KYMCO KRV is the vehicle of their dreams.

KYMCO KRV is a compact sport recreational vehicle equipped with abundant comfort, convenience, handling, and performance. It comes with ABS, TCS, LED lighting and a keyless system. It has a flat-floor RV body design that allows an optimal riding position for both spirited rides and long journeys. The suspension is tuned to suit both a single rider and when carrying a passenger. The belt-drive design not only offers quiet rides, but also requires less maintenance.

Moreover, KRV features a bike-style independent swing-arm in the rear suspension just like KYMCO’s flagship model AK550. It not only allows a lower center of gravity and perfect weight balance to the vehicle, but also provides the highest ride quality and maximum cornering capability. Combined with the newly developed 175cc 4 valves liquid-cooled engine that provides strong and smooth power delivery, KRV gives riders the exceptional sport riding experiences they desire.

At KYMCO, we create distinctions that stand out from the crowd and make riders proud owners of KYMCO. KYMCO KRV is a compact sport recreational vehicle that excites the riders.

The spirit of KYMCO, win my heart, is to always go above and beyond. We are on a timeless journey to give consumers distinctive experiences that make them proud to be a KYMCO owner. KYMCO F9, DT X360 and KRV all come with innovations that stir senses, intensify emotions and excite riders. And as we continue to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world, now, it’s time to excite.

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