Jun 30, 2021

KYMCO Taiwan Taxi Press Release

KYMCO and Taiwan Taxi Announce Partnership to Electrify Taiwan’s Largest Two-wheeler B2B Delivery Fleets with Ionex


Taipei, Taiwan – June 30, 2021 – KYMCO announced a strategic partnership with Taiwan Taxi to transform the 26,000 two-wheeler delivery fleets operated by its subsidiary GBG Express to Ionex electric vehicles. GBG Express is the largest B2B delivery company in Taiwan specializing in last-mile delivery. It has 40,000 corporate clients from more than 100 industries, including most of Taiwan’s leading on-line retailers.An integral part of the partnership will be KYMCO’s deployment of dedicated Ionex battery swapping stations at GBG Express operation centers across Taiwan. Both companies will jointly develop Ionex electric vehicles optimized for delivery purposes and promote viable incentive schemes to accelerate EV adoption of GBG Express’s rider partners."KYMCO Ionex is the leading EV turnkey solution that empowers all businesses and governments to go electric.” said Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO Group. “The partnership with Taiwan Taxi is another important testament of KYMCO’s commitment to lead the world in bringing the electric era to every rider.”“The partnership with KYMCO creates a win-win situation for everyone.” said Gary Lin, Chairman of Taiwan Taxi Group. “It demonstrates our continuous efforts to seek new opportunities to better service our riders and customers, as well as to build an environmentally sustainable transport network with leading strategic partners and pioneering technologies.”KYMCO is on an accelerating path to building the largest battery swapping network in Taiwan. With the addition of the in-house battery swapping stations deployed for GBG Express, the partnership aims to electrify more than 50% of the 26,000 GBG Express rider partners to Ionex electric vehicles by 2023.

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