Sep 30, 2018

KYMCO “Ionex” Actively Taps into Overseas Markets in Q4


By attending the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition in Kobe, Japan And Unveiling “Ionex Commercial” in France, Soon in October


Kobe, Japan – September 30, 2018 – KYMCO attends the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS 31) at Kobe, Japan by invitation for the very first time. EVS 31 is the world’s most influential exhibition and the largest trade shows for electric vehicles and the ecosystem. The exhibition opens today and will last for four days. With the theme “Leading a Smart Society with New Mobility” this year, EVS 31 focuses on developing the blueprint of smart city accelerated by smart electric vehicles. EVS 31 serves as a global platform for over 200 companies from the world and gathers advocators from the industry, government, and academia. At EVS 31, KYMCO is showcasing the full “Ionex” solution with test-ride opportunities for Many 110EV, which will be the very first availability outside of Taiwan since KYMCO Ionex was launched. Later in October, KYCMO will officially lunch “Ionex Commercial” in Paris, France, making the official statement of tapping into international markets.


 “KYMCO Ionex was born for offering an uncompromised electric vehicle solution for cooperates, policy makers, and riders. KYMCO is committed to making an impact at the most important transformation in the history” said Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO. “We are honored to be invited to attend EVS 31 at Kobe and proudly introduce KYMCO Ionex to the industry peers of electric vehicles. At this event, we can all explore the possibility to collaborate and build smart cities together.”


Proactively planning to accelerate commercial market penetration


The attendance at EVS 31 demonstrates KYMCO’s commitment of adopting Ionex into the global commercial market. Ionex offers the flexibility of fast deployment and easy adaption for commercial users allowing them to become electric without compromise. Instead, these users will have a seamless, greener and more efficient implement of the two-wheeler electric solution.


With the Ionex’ versatile charging infrastructure, individuals, corporates and policy makers will have an economically feasible plan for implementing electric solution. Governments now have a complete game-changing blueprint to go green. Meanwhile, the Charge Point Network offers incentive for the corporates to embrace green energy and improve their services, especially those ones relying heavily on providing business service through vehicles, including postal services, delivery services, and logistic operators. These commercial users can now use the energy stations to operate battery swapping services for their own fleet of electric vehicles, with lower costs yet better efficiency.


KYMCO have already rolled out the business strategy for global commercial markets. Earlier this year in July, the recently announced partnership with Hema Supermarket by Alibaba Group presented a good start of Ionex’ first step tapping into commercial market. In addition, there have been many enquiries approaching KYMCO with great interests in adopting Ionex into various areas of business.


“Providing a “Win My Heart” transportation solution to consumers, corporates and governments has been our goal.” said Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO. “KYMCO is committed to achieve this goal with the continuous growth of Ionex.”