Mar 22, 2021 Show

Ionex Premier Conference

Ionex  Premier Conference - 18/03/2021

A global transformation is underway. When the world reopens from the pandemic, we will usher in a new era in electronic transportation. KYMCO will be leading the way, with three game-changing initiatives. 

       1. Energy replenishment.

How to charge an electronic vehicle has long been a sticking point for many would-be buyers. KYMCO equips every Ionex electric vehicle with various energy replenishment options, including plug-in charging, home battery charging, and removable battery swapping.

       2. Great value vehicles.

To date, electric vehicles have been set at a price point which excludes most consumers. KYMCO will make premium features available to all, and work with industry leaders to provide custom commercial applications.

      3. A full range of vehicles.

One size doesn’t fit all, and the same is true with transportation. With this in mind, KYMCO is launching a wide range of options, from the revolutionary supersport motorcycle SuperNEX, to the high-performance streetbike RevoNEX, and the all-rounder Agility EV. KYMCO has the perfect match for anyone wishing to go electric.

KYMCO is bringing the world one step closer to the electric era. 

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