Agility RS 125

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【General image】 Follow the strategy of “Worldwide scooter” and to inherit the character of “Agility ”series models. 【Image styling】 -Reinforce the sporty character. -Deeply outline to apply geometry simple line and shape to reinforce the stereo feature. -Reinforce the sporty styling:the strength with powerful feature line deliver kind of well-executed and brisk rhythm to reinforce the sportystyling and the speedy with aggressive spirit. -Minimum parts construct:to reduce the burden of energy source and follow the strategy of “Clean Earth”, also reduce client’s economic afford, Agility RS adopt the design strategy of “Minimum parts construct” to create kind of double-win strategy between customer and supplier. -Reinforce the utility character: the utility functional of rear seat allows user to bend it up to become a backrest for the rider. Beside that, an optional rear rack with top case will enrich the loading space, to upscale the utility function for business user.