KYMCO Canada agent BECO with journalists visited KYMCO headquarter

For the year of 2007, Canadian two wheel and four wheels total markets were 171 thousand units. The key point is that only for ATV the markets shares were 81 thousand units. ATV markets in the worldwide Canada stand on the 2nd place next to the USA. Also the ATV market development became mature and the brand image deep influence to consumer in North American markets.

BECO joined into KYMCO big family since the year of 2004 and made big efforts on contribute to Canada markets. According to BECO estimates, KYMCO ATV market share will reach a new peak in year 2008. For having a well understanding on KYMCO and to improve KYMCO brand image, BECO invited Canadian local presses and journalists to visit KYMCO headquarter and had a local tour in Taiwan for the culture interactive in the end week of September.

During the visiting phase all visitors impressed on R&D Center, production assembly line, quality control system and global marketing service system. Moreover, in order to provide a well understanding KYMCO not only arranged the factory tour and a face to face of interviewed with Vice president, Mr. Su, but also arranged the new product test ride activity. After the interview, all the visitors got a very clear idea on KYMCO philosophy about the future design and global marketing strategy. Meanwhile, The test riding activities were hosted in KYMCO Road Test Course. For the test models, KYMCO provide many new models including Sento 50, Quannon 150, Yager GT 200i, People S 300i, MYROAD 700i, KYMCO UXV 500, MXU 375 and MXU 500 IRS. All visitors were highly satisfied with new model’s styling design, excellent engine performance and confident that KYMCO will keep great progress for the near future.